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Aaron Goodwin, star of ‘Ghost Adventures,’ is ecstatic to marry his fiancée.

Aaron Goodwin, star of ‘Ghost Adventures,’ is ecstatic to marry his fiancée.

Aaron Goodwin and his fiancée got engaged in October of this year. The TV celebrity took to Instagram just a month after their engagement to announce that he can’t wait to marry her and that she makes him the happiest person on the globe.

So far, this is all we know about their relationship.

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The couple started dating in 2018.

On social media, Goodwin has chronicled his feelings for his wife and detailed the ins and outs of his relationship status. Despite this, despite sharing images with her, he has not revealed his partner’s identity.

He made his first public announcement of his partnership on August 10, 2018. He shared a photo of himself and his girlfriend, claiming that they had only recently realized their years-long friendship was more than that. He also mentioned how they supported one another during difficult times.

A year after the announcement, the pair went one step further and got engaged.

Goodwin shared the good news on Instagram on October 29, 2019. He told how he surprised his girlfriend by proposing to her on his one-knee. The Ghost Adventures actor proposed to her with a halo, black engagement diamond at Disneyland.

Relationships that are blissful

Since their engagement, the supernatural investigator’s relationship with his fiancée has been going swimmingly. He is so smitten with her that he has even announced his wish to marry her.

He shared a nice snapshot of himself with his love on November 28, 2019, and expressed his gratitude for having her in his life. “I’m very grateful to have her in my life,” he added. He also expressed how much they enjoy each other’s company. At the end of the caption, he said, “I can’t wait to make you my wife.”

A photo of the couple from Valentine’s Day 2021 shows them in a similar state of happiness. When his soon-to-be bride kissed him on the temple in the shot, Goodwin was beaming with joy. He then added a remark to the photo, thanking her for being in his life.

Goodwin’s wife was Sheena Goodwin.

Goodwin’s first wife was Sheena Goodwin. The pair had a tight relationship and shared a home in Oregon. Goodwin’s busy schedule and the nature of his job, on the other hand, took a toll on their relationship.

He disclosed in a blog post dated July 15, 2011, that disturbing paranormal experiences, not bickering or poisonous behavior were the reason for their breakup. After he researched Bobby Mackey’s, a popular pub and club in Kentucky, things in their relationship deteriorated.

He said that ghosts followed him home and caused unusual occurrences such as strange noises and inexplicable holes in their walls on multiple occasions.

The dreams that convinced Goodwin that his wife would be in danger if she stayed by his side were the last straw.

He was well aware that he would be gone for the majority of the time, leaving Sheena to bear the brunt of his absence. As a result, he and his girlfriend ended their relationship amicably, paying the hefty price of his career.

They’re still good friends after they’ve moved on with their new partners.

‘Ghost Adventures’ still employs him.

Goodwin has been a cast member of the paranormal television show Ghost Adventures since 2008. As an equipment technician, he oversees the camera and electrical divisions.

In 2014, there were speculations that Goodwin had been sacked from the show. The rumors, on the other hand, were just that: rumors.

The well-known television personality’s net worth has progressively climbed as a result of the series. The 11th episode of Season 24 aired on May 7, 2021.