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A song written by David Packouz and dedicated to his daughter Amabelle Jane revealed his ex-girlfriend.

A song written by David Packouz and dedicated to his daughter Amabelle Jane revealed his ex-girlfriend.

Former arms dealer David Packouz published never-before-seen photos of his ex-girlfriend together with a compilation movie he created of his daughter’s early years.

The American artist has been raising Amabelle Jane, his 14-year-old daughter. However, he has never mentioned the mother of his child. She is so secretive that even her name is kept a secret.

On December 17, 2008, he did post images and brief videos of his partner on YouTube. In the video named More Than Anything, he had performed a song for his daughter and assembled archival footage from when she was a child.

Amabelle was shown in the song’s music video from the moment of her birth, which also made Packouz’s partner public knowledge.

The video made it evident that Packouz’s ex-girlfriend had an African heritage as well as that they dated up until Amabelle was a young child.

Other information about his partner, including when they broke up, is still unknown.

Ex-girlfriend in Biopic Uses the Name “Iz”

David Packouz collaborated with former arms dealer Efraim Diveroli to complete one of the largest arms purchases in American history.

While he was found guilty of selling illegal weapons, his thrilling experience was turned into the 2015 book “Arms and the Dudes.” Todd Phillips later turned the book into the 2016 movie War Dogs.

The two arms dealers’ actual experiences have been somewhat correctly portrayed in the film.

As a result, it is evident that Miles Teller’s character, Packouz, is in a relationship with a woman by the name of “Iz” (played by Ana de Armas).

Without getting married, Packouz and Iz have a girl. Then, they split up because Packouz’s business was unlawful, which appears to have also occurred in real life.

Packouz acknowledged that the biopic included a scene in which his ex-girlfriend was represented. He posed with actress Ana de Armas for a photo that was posted on Instagram on May 20, 2015. He then confirmed that the woman from Knives Out was playing his former girlfriend.

He made it clear that the mother of his daughter was not his wife; they had never been wed. Only his girlfriend, she was.

Quality time is spent with the daughter

Amabelle Jane Packouz, his daughter, was born in February 2007.

Despite leading a busy life, he makes time to connect with his daughter.

In July 2016, he brought his daughter to the holy city of Jerusalem. They went to the Western Wall and Dome of the Rock. Given that they are among the first examples of Islamic construction, both sites are of particular importance to Islamic culture.

Then, in December 2019, they had a winter vacation and went skiing in the Hermon mountain region. For Amabelle’s 14th birthday, they also went horseback riding in Monterey, California.

It is clear from everything that can be seen that Packouz and his daughter have a wonderful relationship.

From Arms Dealer To Musician, David Packouz

David joined AEY Inc., a weapons firm owned by Efraim Diveroli, after earning his degree from Miami College in 2003. He had only turned 23 at the time.

Packouz and Diveroli provided the US government with a sizable quantity of weapons and ammunition through AEY Inc. Even with their limited expertise and youth, the duo wreaked havoc after winning significant, multi-million dollar federal contracts.

However, the business has broken multiple prior agreements, including providing potentially dangerous helmets and failing to deliver 10,000 Beretta pistols to Iraq.

The businessman informed his colleagues via email that they needed to get rid of the crates with Chinese markings since the Chinese goods would be refused. The business committed fraud by repackaging the Chinese munitions.

It was later discovered through inquiries that the corporation had broken US federal restrictions. Packouz was placed under house detention for seven months for his involvement in the scheme.

When it came to damaging his reputation in the eyes of the US government, he appeared to be on a roll.

He was detained once more in 2012 at Motel 82 in Naples after reportedly agreeing to have a sexual encounter with a Collier County deputy undercover in exchange for $400.

Packouz is currently attempting to do a U-turn in his career, maybe as a result of the birth of his daughter.

He made the decision to switch from his risky behavior to music and singing, which are far more enjoyable. He now serves as the founder and CEO of the music technology business Singular Sound Company, proving that he made the right decision.