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Gillian Turner and her husband Alex Kramer have a love connection to South Africa.

Gillian Turner and her husband Alex Kramer have a love connection to South Africa.

In order to earn a living in the United States, Fox journalist Gillian Turner and her businessman husband Alex Kramer have traveled a great distance from their home continent of Africa.

After graduating in 2012, the astute reporter apparently moved to the US and began contributing to Fox News in the years that followed.

Turner frequently travels with her spouse throughout her own country when she is not busy providing Fox with the latest news.

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Turner’s husband is of African descent.

After the reporter became well-known in the news world, various inquiries about his or her background began to surface.

The current Washington, D.C.-based journalist directly responded to the queries on Twitter. She disclosed that her husband Kramer’s family, as well as her father’s, were all from South Africa.

Around a month later, the Fox News personality also stated that her father’s side of the family was made up entirely of Capetonians, namely from Cape Town.

Although Turner has African ancestry, her husband Kramer is also a Capetonian. He is a co-founder of Strika Entertainment, the biggest provider of children’s entertainment in Africa.

Who is Kramer, Turner’s husband?

With over fifteen years of expertise in strategy, product discovery and development, and design thinking approaches, Kramer is an accomplished design leader and team-builder.

He relocated to the US to work as a creative executive for Professional Risk Management Services after successfully introducing Strika’s core product, Supa Strikas, on well-known TV networks like Disney and Nickelodeon. In 2010, he also sold it to Naspers.

He is currently employed full-time as the vice president of his own business, Optoro.

On February 12, 2021, Kramer also announced on Twitter that her spouse had become a citizen of the United States.

She added, “Some exciting personal news today.”My husband formally became a citizen of the US.”

Turner’s Cravings for Cape Town

Even though the married pair is busy with their various careers, Turner specifically makes sure that his profession does not interfere with his roots.

Instagram posts from the well-liked TV personality’s hometown of Cape Town or the newsroom are frequently found there.

Given the number of images of her hometown, one may assume that Turner lives and works in South Africa rather than the United States. However, it appears that the reporter visits her hometown frequently for vacation.

When Turner returned to her homeland in May 2018, she hiked up Lions Head Mountain in Cape Town.

She had a second vacation in January 2019 after her summer vacation in 2018. This time, she went to a winery near Cape Town with mountains in the background.

The Columbia University alumna took advantage of the opportunity to indulge in some horseback riding on Cape Town’s Noordhoek coastline.

The 38-year-old newscaster’s friends and family were part of the December event, which resulted in a relaxed beach stroll with her father and husband.

In December 2019, Gillian Turner is seen with her husband and father.(Image from Instagram)

The trip to Cape Town in December 2019 marked the end of Turner’s holiday there. She hasn’t been back to her hometown recently simply because of the circumstances.

No matter how much the former The Hill columnist adores Cape Town, risking everyone’s safety is not worth it.