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7 Facts About Tony Robbins’ Wife Sage Robbins After His First Failed Marriage

7 Facts About Tony Robbins’ Wife Sage Robbins After His First Failed Marriage

Anthony Jay Robbins, better known by his stage name Tony Robbins, is an American author, life coach, motivational speaker, and philanthropist known for his speeches on life, infomercials, and philanthropy. Robbins’ personal life, like his professional life, has been marred by controversy throughout the years.

In the past, the author/motivational speaker has been in a number of tumultuous relationships. Tony was previously married to Becky Robbins, but their relationship did not work out. He did, however, finally find the love of his life and married her in 2001. Sage Robbins, Tony Robbins’ wife, has seven interesting facts.

Bonnie Pearl Humphrey is Sage’s birth name.

Sage is Tony Robbins’ current wife, however she was born Bonnie Pearl Humphrey in Canada on August 5, 1972. Bill Humphrey is Sage Robbins’ father’s name. Aside from that, very little information about Robbins’ family and past is available to the public.

Similarly, there is still a lot of information regarding her education and childhood that hasn’t been published. After marrying Tony Robbins, Bonnie Pearl Humphrey changed her name to Sage Robbins. The cause of this shift is still unknown.

Sage used to work at a health food store.

Sage was born to a Canadian family whose identity is unknown, as previously stated. This indicates that she was born into a common household. She had to struggle to support herself and her family because she wasn’t born with a silver spoon in her mouth. You might be intrigued about Sage’s life before he became renowned and wealthy. Sage, Tony Robbins’ wife, worked for a long time as a cashier in a health food store. Now that the time has passed, she is fortunate to have a husband who respects her for all of her hard work and challenges in the past.

At First Sight, Sage and Tony Robbins Fell in Love

One might believe that ‘love at first sight’ is nothing more than a passing fancy. Sage and Tony Robbins, on the other hand, have proven them incorrect by setting a positive example. It was true love at first sight. The pair met at an event, and sparks flew right away when they saw each other for the first time, as one might imagine. Tony couldn’t take his gaze away from her, and he couldn’t help but ask Sage out on a date.

In an appearance on Oprah’s show in 2018, the charming pair shared this. What’s more intriguing is that, despite nearly 20 years together, the flame in their connection hasn’t gone.

John Lynch, Sage’s ex-husband, accused her of having an extramarital affair.

Sage’s ex-husband, Canadian businessman John Lynch, claimed Sage and Tony were having an adulterous affair. When he was still married to Sage, he claimed in 2001 that the two were already dating. Sage, on the other hand, admitted in an interview that she had never heard of Tony Robbins until her divorce from her husband. Tony, she claimed, she met in 1999, and they started dating in 2000.

Sage was even threatened by John, who promised to sue Robbins for ‘alienation of affection.’ Instead, Tony filed a libel suit against Lynch. Whatever the case may have been, all parties have finally reached an agreement.

Sage Robbins, Tony Robbins’s wife, is an actress.

Sage Robbins, Tony Robbins’s partner, is an actor. She made her acting debut in the film Shallow Hal, in which she played Tony Robbins’ admirer. In the same year that she married Tony, she made her acting debut. Sage has had a diverse range of responsibilities throughout her career. She and her husband, Tony, also appeared in the documentary Tony Robbins: I Am Not Your Guru.

Sage appears to have paused her acting career even after achieving renown for her work. We hope that in the next years, viewers will be able to see more of her acting talent.

Sage collaborates with her husband Tony to help other couples with their relationships.

The Robbins couple are motivational speakers, as we all know; Sage shares the stage with her husband to give other couples relationship advise. Despite the fact that Tony Robbins’ wife, Sage, does not have a social media account of her own, she uses her husband’s Instagram account to share her own views on a daily basis. Despite the fact that motivational speaking is not her strong suit, she may be of great assistance to Tony.

Sage and Tony are not the parents of any children.

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