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7 Facts About Natalie Wihongi, She Is Karl Urban’s Ex-Wife And A Mother Of Two

7 Facts About Natalie Wihongi, She Is Karl Urban’s Ex-Wife And A Mother Of Two

Actors are always the ones who take center stage and dazzle the audience with their performances. However, it takes an extraordinary makeup artist to bring the characters to life, and Natalie Wihongi is an example of such exceptional talent. Wihongi, a stunning makeup artist from New Zealand, has worked on a number of films.

Natalie Wihongi is best known for being Karl Urban’s ex-wife and the mother of his child. So, let’s learn more about Natalie Wihongi, Karl Urban’s ex-wife and a wonderful makeup artist.

Professional Makeup Artist

Natalie Wihongi is most known as Karl Urban’s ex-wife, but she is also a makeup artist. Wihang worked on several commercially successful films, including Rain and The Privateers, despite her decision to keep her achievements hidden.

Natalie Urban, Karl Urban’s ex-wife, must have battled to overcome despite keeping a professional career a secret. She was also born in Auckland, New Zealand, where she polished her abilities as a newcomer before landing a role in The Privateers.

Wihongi’s brilliance was recognized, and she began to receive more projects and popularity as a result.

Karl Urban, my ex-husband, was one of my coworkers.

A person will never know what the world has planned for them until it all comes crashing down around them. As a cosmetics artist, Natalie Wihongi’s journey was similar. Wihongi, Urban’s baby mom, has buried her professional successes, but she is unable to conceal her well-known work in The Privateers with her former husband, Karl Urban, in the 2000s.

Natalie’s career as a makeup artist is also thought to have taken a turn as a result of the film. She must have also been in a number of other films that we are ignorant of.

Natalie got to work with her old love on the set of The Privateers, in addition to her celebrity as an artist. Karl and Natalie had already given birth to a son when they married in 2004. As a result, we can only speculate on how long the former couple had known each other.

In 2004, I married an urban couple.

As previously stated, the erstwhile lovebirds Karl and Natalie crossed paths professionally in the early 2000s. They did, however, date for a few years before marrying on September 16, 2004.

Regrettably, the former Urban couple has always kept their seclusion, resulting in a modest wedding attended by friends and family. Furthermore, nothing is known about the couple’s past relationships, but based on their public appearances, the Urban-Wihongi marriage was quite glamorous.

Unfortunately, love can be difficult to find when one is on a career path and schedules are tight. The former Urban couple had a similar experience, and after several years of marriage, they divorced.

Name based on the Indiana Jones film franchise

Natalie Wihongi is a breathtakingly gorgeous woman who combines her personality with her cosmetic talents to create a stunning look. With her ex-husband, Karl Urban, she gave birth to two beautiful sons.

Hunter Urban, their oldest son, was born on December 16, 2000. In the same way, they made their relationship official in 2004, and their second child was born on June 28, 2005. Indiana Urban is the name of their second son, which was inspired by the Indiana Jones franchise’s eponymous hero.

Natalie Urban, Karl Urban’s ex-wife, gave birth to two children, Hunter and Indiana Urban. Wihongi’s Facebook page is the source of this image.

Unfortunately, Karl Urban’s two sons are both discreet and avoid media scrutiny. Wihongi’s kid, Hunter, however, has an Instagram account where he brags about his fishing talents and passion for dogs. Apart from that, there’s no chance we’ll ever be able to locate his mother or brother.

Natalie, too, shared a few photos of her sons on her Facebook page in 2016. She has remained deafeningly silent since then.

In addition, despite their divorce, the couple maintained relationships for their children, and Hunter now follows his father on Instagram and vice versa. Despite the fact that we had to crunch Wihongi-data, Urban’s children’s we hope they are developing into excellent human beings.

After two boys, they parted amicably.

Not everything awful that occurs to you breaks you, but it can also heal you. Karl and Natalie’s decade-long marriage ended in divorce, as previously reported. Their divorce, on the other hand, was amicable.

According to the NZ Herald, the former couple used a public relations firm to announce their split. They stated that their decision was mutual and that they would continue to live together as a family.

Throughout their marriage, Natalie Wihongi gave birth to Karl Urban’s children, which forced them to retain family ties and not let their failing marriage harm their kids.

They sold their NZ$5.25 million houses in the Herne Bay region of New Zealand in December 2014, along with their split. Karl Wihongi, Natalie Wihongi’s ex-husband, had a four-year relationship with actress Katee Sackhoff. In the process, Natalie shared her new partner’s photos on Facebook.

Her sons share her love for dogs.

Hunter Wihongi, Natalie Wihongi’s son, is a dog enthusiast who posts pictures of his dogs on Instagram. Did we mention Natalie’s affection for dogs extends to her sons? If not, know that Hunter inherited Hunter’s love for animals.

She frequently talked about her hounds on Facebook and must have uploaded a billion adorable photos on her own Instagram account. She also sounded concerned about their health as if they were her children. Naturally, she has to think of them as her pets.

We don’t get to see Natalie’s dogs much, but we do get to see Hunter’s. Despite the secrecy, the mother of two is currently residing in Auckland, New Zealand, with her partner and her natural aptitude to appreciate nature.

In Auckland, New Zealand, I’ve moved on.

Natalie Wihongi, Karl Urban’s ex-wife, has kept a low profile throughout her life. Even after she was married to Karl, the actor from The Boys, she avoided sharing her private and personal experiences with the world.

Natalie Wihongi, Karl Urban’s ex-wife, has moved on and is now living in Auckland with her new partner. Wihongi’s Facebook page is the source of this image.

Natalie and her unnamed newfound love are currently residing in her hometown of Auckland. She seemed to be having a good time with her new spouse and her adorable children. Unfortunately, she has been quiet since 2016, but we wish the nature-lover happiness and good health.

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