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5 Quick Facts About Paul Lieberstein’s Wife Janine Poreba, Any Children?

5 Quick Facts About Paul Lieberstein’s Wife Janine Poreba, Any Children?

Paul Lieberstein is an award-winning playwright, actor, and television producer best known for his portrayal of Toby Flenderson on the NBC sitcom The Office. In the late 2000s, he also worked as an executive producer on The Office. Paul received a Primetime Emmy Award for his role in King of Hell for his outstanding achievements to the entertainment business.

Apart from having a successful job since 1992, Paul Lieberstein has a wonderful marriage with his wife, Janine Poreba. The pair married in 2008 and have two children together. Did you know that Toby’s girlfriend, Janine Poreba, is Paul Lieberstein’s wife?

There are a few more fascinating facts regarding Paul Lieberstein’s wife. As a result, here’s all you need to know about Janine Poreba and her location.

Janine Poreba is a reserved individual.

Paul Lieberstein’s partner, Janine Poreba, rose to prominence. She is, nonetheless, the ‘privacy queen.’ Despite being a well-known partner, she has kept her business a secret. She also avoids practically all social media platforms and only attends a few occasions with her husband.

Although it’s unfortunate that we don’t know much about Mrs. Janine Lieberstein, her privacy decisions are acceptable. Furthermore, she is Paul’s most steadfast support system and has always aided his profession.

Despite the fact that Janine Poreba’s career is generally hidden, she, like her husband, is an actress.

Paul Lieberstein and Janine Poreba Shared a Screen

Janine Lieberstein, Paul Lieberstein’s wife, is notoriously discreet about her whereabouts. She does, however, have a few acting credits on her IMDb page.

Poreba played Tracey on Law & Order in 1990 and Song of Back and Neck in 2018, according to her IMDb page. Furthermore, Janine Poreba and Paul Lieberstein shared a screen on The Office in 2005, which we cannot emphasize enough.

Toby’s ex-girlfriend was played by Janine. At Phyllis’ wedding, she can be seen seated next to him and Kevin. Toby introduces Janine to everyone and makes out in front of Pam at the end of season 4, episode ‘Dunder Mifflin Infinity.’

Although the on-screen pair split up soon after, Paul and Janine have been together since 2008.

In 2008, Paul Lieberstein and Janine Poreba exchanged vows.

She married her long-time fiancé, Paul, in front of friends and family on July 19, 2008, after being born to Elizabeth and John Poreba. The Liebersteins exchanged vows in front of friends and family at Battery Gardens in New York City.

Janine Poreba, Paul Lieberstein’s wife, is a very reserved person. As a result, the clandestine pair has kept their marital status a secret. Surprisingly, Paul’s wife, Janine, is his second partner, and they have a happy marriage.

In 2008, Paul Lieberstein and Janine Poreba exchanged vows. Paul’s Instagram is the source of this image.

Furthermore, Paul and Janine have been together for almost a decade and are still much in love with each other.

Once upon a time, I wrote headlines about pregnancy.

Janine Poreba, Paul Lieberstein’s wife, is her second partner, as previously stated. Furthermore, they maintain a high level of secrecy. As a result, we don’t know anything about Janine-Paul Lieberstein’s children.

In 2014, however, the announcement of Janine Poreba’s pregnancy caused a stir. The couple was expecting their first child, but there was no further information. Furthermore, while he repaired his two-bedroom home in Crestwood Hills, LA, in 2000, The Office actor Paul was ready for change.

Lieberstein’s LA home has undergone many renovations to make it more structured, and he once stated that the weather was perfect. Although there are significant gaps in Paul and Janine’s story, other websites, such as Billboard Top 10, claim that he and Janine have five children in all.

Despite the fact that we know little about Janine’s life, she is an excellent mother. After all, she comes from a happy family and grew up in a pleasant environment.

At Santa Monica College, I teach English.

Janine is a wealthy businesswoman in addition to having acting credits and being Paul’s wife.

Janine Poreba was born to John and Elizabeth Poreba as Janine Serafin Poreba. Her mother, Elizabeth, was an English teacher at Bard High School, thus she comes from a scholarly household. Her father was a science teacher at Columbia Grammar and Preparatory School at the same time.

Janine Poreba, Paul Lieberstein’s wife, earned a master’s degree in teaching English from the Monterey Institute of International Studies in Monterey, California, after graduating Magna cum laude from Harvard. Janine is currently employed at Santa Monica College as an English instructor in the department of English as a second language.

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