5 Quick Facts About James Jebbia’s Wife Bianca Jebbia


James Jebbia is a British-American businessman and fashion designer best known for his Supreme New York skateboarding shop and apparel line. Jebbia established one of the most well-known fashion labels and achieved enormous success. He is a wonderful husband to Bianca Jebbia, as well as a successful businessman.

Bianca Jebbia, James Jebbia’s wife, is a little unknown. As a result, I’ve compiled a list of five brief facts about Bianca Jebbia.

Like her husband, she prefers a private life.

James Jebbia, the founder of Supreme, is known for keeping his personal life quiet, and his soulmate, Bianca, is just as private. The married couple attends gatherings together and dresses up in unique outfits. Their social media presence, on the other hand, is rather unequal.

Furthermore, Bianca Jebbia, James Jebbia’s wife, has a Twitter account that returns to life every now and then after a long period of inactivity. She was pretty active back in 2011 when she let her admirers know how well she did in the game “Temple Run.” She did, however, take a sabbatical from social media in 2013 and returned in 2015.

Bianca hasn’t been seen on Twitter much since then. Because the Jebbia couple lives a secluded life, there isn’t much of Bianca on the internet. Bianca has chosen a private life despite marrying one of the most famous entrepreneurs, James Jebbia, and rising to popularity as his wife. We can’t help but notice her outstanding fashion sense, which we’ll discuss further down.

Bianca Jebbia, James Jebbia’s wife, has an artistic and comfortable sense of style.

Bianca Jebbia, James Jebbia’s wife, is a gentle family person, but her dress taste is louder and screams her interests. She also claims that her style is “comfortable meets art.”

Bianca, who currently resides in lower Manhattan, described her style as a mix of fashionista meets streetwear meets art enthusiast. Mrs. Jebbia also gets fashion advice from her son, according to Buro. She finds out what he enjoys and incorporates it into his life. Could she, however, have had the expectation vs. reality experience? Has she ever imagined a look that sounded great in her head but turned out to be a dud when she tried it on?

Bianca Jebbia, James Jebbia’s wife, has a vibrant personality and a unique sense of style. James Jebbia’s Facebook page is the source of this image.

Regardless, Bianca is the Supreme’s first wife and will look great in anything she wears. In addition, her husband, James, claims that she shops at Prada, Chanel, and Uniqlo. Then she’ll put on something Supreme and have a good time wearing whatever she wants. So, we’re grateful that Bianca has brightened James’ life and delivered two bundles of joy into the world.

Mother of two children

Although Supreme’s founder, James Jebbia, shares his talent with the world, little is known about his personal life. Mr. and Mrs. Jebbia is quite private, which may be one of the reasons why their marriage is still going strong. Despite understanding very little about their connection, James once mentioned that the family should keep things simple.

James remarked that a quiet and simple supper with his family is preferable to anything expensive. In addition, the pair have been married for several decades and has two gorgeous children, Miles Jebbia and Nina Jebbia.

Their children’s location, like Bianca and James’, is kept a secret. Their kid, Miles, on the other hand, may have picked up on his father’s love of fashion. Bianca, who grew up in Elmhurst, Queens, and her Chilean family raise their children in their Lower Manhattan apartment.

Maintains A Minimalist Atmosphere In The Home

Bianca, James Jabbia’s partner, is, as previously stated, private, but did we mention she is also nice and minimalist? If she isn’t already, she will be soon. As previously stated, the Jebbia couple and their children reside in a Manhattan apartment.

Supreme founder James’ brand is noted for its minimalist style that exudes sophistic ease. As a result, his taste in interior design appears to be consistent. When James gave a virtual tour of his Greenwich Village Loft apartment in 2013, he eloquently demonstrated his minimalist taste.

James and Bianca shared an apartment that was decorated with statement pieces like Mogens Koch’s wood bookshelves and Picasso’s porcelain ceramics. As a result, his Manhattan flat may appear to be pretty similar, and his wife, Bianca, contributes to the ambiance.

Bianca Jebbia wishes for her husband to be referred to as a “founder.”

Bianca Jebbia’s husband has taken to heart the adage that a man should never forget his roots. James founded Supreme, a small skateboard shop, in 1994 and has since built a brand that eschews comfort. Supreme is currently one of the most popular brands, having cooperated with the likes of Louis Vuitton, Nike, and others.

James Jabbia’s net worth has risen to an estimated $800 million as a result of the brand’s popularity. Even despite the great success, James chooses to identify himself as a skate store owner. His wife, on the other hand, wants him to be referred to as a ‘creator.’

During an interview with Vogue, James revealed that his wife, Bianca, insisted he consider himself a founder, but he prefers to say, “I own a skate shop.” We may have deduced that James is a minimalist and a realist up to this point. As a result, while steadily building the business, he indicated that he is afraid of anything that calls into doubt his willingness to take chances.

Furthermore, Bianca’s adored spouse mentioned that doing things for the joy of it rather than to keep alive makes him proud. As a result, James prefers to avoid categorizing himself and brushing aside how he built a billion-dollar firm. The Supreme had been purchased by VF Corp. for $2 billion as of November 2020.

Bianca Jebbia, James Jebbia’s wife, wants the best for her family and herself. This could be one of the reasons she avoids the spotlight. Let’s wait until she shares more of her life with her well-wishers in the future while respecting her need for privacy.

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