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5 Interesting Facts About Jerry Seinfeld’s Car Collection

5 Interesting Facts About Jerry Seinfeld’s Car Collection

Being a comedian worth almost a billion dollars has its perks, obviously.

Jerry Seinfeld has a staggering net worth of 950 million dollars, and with his deep pockets, he has bought himself a behemoth car collection.

His car collection aside, his state-of-the-art car garage alone is worth 1.4 million dollars. Let’s take a quick look at what the almost billionaire’s car collection has going for it.

He Owns a Porsche Previously Owned by Ferry Porsche

Central to Seinfeld’s collection is a 1964 Porsche 911, which he acquired in 1996. It is an iconic collector’s item by its make and model alone, but that is not what makes it special.

The car was once owned by the late Ferry Porsche, the son of the legendary Ferdinand Porsche Sr.—founder of Volkswagen and Porsche. The comedian purchased the car for four hundred thousand dollars and spend another two hundred fifty grand over the next five years to restore this beauty.

He also spent the bulk of that time working on the car by himself. After he did what he could, he sent the car to Porsche in Germany to get the most specialized repairs possible.

It Is Illegal to Drive His 1983 Porsche 959 in the US

Porsches make up for a good chunk of the veteran comic’s collection, and not all Porsches are created equal. Take this slick 1983 Porsche 959, for example. There were only 200 of these cars ever made.

The 959 was so rare that the German manufacturer could not send the US Department of Transport enough units for testing. Hence, it does not have a safety and emissions perming, making it illegal to drive in the states.

The ownership of the sportscar is preserved under “Show and Display” laws that prohibit any road time. According to Motor Biscuit, even Bill Gates tried to smuggle this car into the country, but he was caught, and the vehicle was impounded.

Seinfeld Owns Over 150 Vehicles

Including the rare and iconic wheels mentioned above, the automobile enthusiast had a hundred and fifty vehicles parked in his 1.4 million dollar garage. As you might expect, his luxury car collection boasts of a lot more than just Porsches.

His massive car collection was estimated to be worth anywhere from fifty to a hundred and fifty million dollars. One might be surprised to hear of the hundred million dollar range, but you have to understand that the values of these machines are ever-changing and subjective.

He Sold Eighteen Cars in 2016

There are times when even the billionaires have to sell off a few old cars to make room for more old cars. So, in 2016, Seinfeld sold eighteen of his cherished automobiles for a stunning $22 million.

The auction was organized by Gooding and Company, and despite the massive sales figures, the auction made headlines for going wrong. The sale brought in a total of $22.2 million, compared to a predicted estimate of 28 to 32 million dollars.

Sixteen of the eighteen cars sold at the Amelia Island, Florida auction were Porsches.

His Porsche Carrera GT from 2000 didn’t sell at auction.

For many people, the 2000 Porsche Carrera GT is a very memorable car, but for all the wrong reasons. Paul Walker, star of The Fast and the Furious, drove it for the last time.

The one owned by Seinfeld is actually a prototype, which he auctioned off in 2016. Surprisingly, the car was not able to be sold at the event.