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5 Facts About Jeff Keiser, Blair O’Neal’s Husband Since 2013

5 Facts About Jeff Keiser, Blair O’Neal’s Husband Since 2013

Blair O’Neal is one of the best female golfers in the world. O’Neal is a professional golfer, model, and influencer from the United States. Blair, an Arizona University standout, is known for being one of golf’s most gorgeous ladies. Blair O’Neal also won BIG BREAK: Dominican Republic on the Golf Channel and finished second on BIG BREAK: Prince Edward Island. O’Neal has appeared in various fashion magazines and walked multiple runways as a model.

Blair O’Neal, the animated host of several Golf Channel shows, has been married to Jeff Keiser since 2013. Despite the fact that Blair’s married life is kept a closely guarded secret, we have gathered some information on her husband. So, in this piece, you will discover about Blair O’Neal’s spouse, Jeff Keiser.

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Blair O’Neal has been her husband since 2013.

Blair O’Neal, a Golf Channel host, married her long-time boyfriend, Jeff Keiser, on April 29, 2013. Though O’Neal rarely speaks publicly about her marriage or any specifics about her husband, she does occasionally post images of him on her Facebook and Instagram pages. The couple’s images together give us the impression that they are relishing every moment of their blissful marriage.

In 2013, Blair O’Neal married Jeff Kaiser. Blaire O’Neal’s Instagram is the source of this image.

Following his marriage, Jeff Keiser and his wife, Blair O’Neal, began appearing in golf-related events. Furthermore, he and his better half enjoy some romantic time together while taking a break from their hectic schedule. Blair O’Neal’s husband, Jeff, appears to adore his wife and supports her in all aspects of her life. We hope Blair and her husband, Jeff, continue to grow in love till the end of time.

Blair O’Neal and he had a son.

Blair and Jeff’s seven-year happy and blissful marriage has rewarded them with a lot of understanding, love, and caring for one another. And, most importantly, their union resulted in the birth of a lovely son named Chrome Andy Keiser.

Blair O’Neal, Jeff Keiser’s wife, gave birth to their son, Chrome, on April 7, 2020, at the height of the global pandemic COVID-19. Junior Keiser arrived healthy and weighed 8 pounds, 1 ounce at 5:47 a.m. to his family. Blair had placed herself under rigorous quarantine before giving birth to her son in order to avoid the pandemic affecting her pregnancy.

While on a road trip, the happy couple, Jeff and Blair, came up with a name for their baby. They appeared in the form of various words, such as colors and metals. When Jeff looked down at their car’s handle and finished it, he threw forth the moniker Chrome. Furthermore, the parents, Blair and Jeff, have an Instagram account for their son, Chrome, though it is now private.

Worked As His Wife’s Caddie

Blair O’Neal’s gorgeous husband, Jeff Keiser, has accompanied his wife on practically every golf tour in the past. Blair’s partner, Jeff, was always there as her caddy, whether it was on the Symetra Tour or other divisions when she was battling for an LPGA Tour card.

Blair O’Neal competed in the first BIG BREAK INVITATIONAL at Reynolds Lake Oconee in 2014, which was broadcast live on Golf Channel. Jeff accompanied his lady to the award-winning RITZ-CARLTON Reynolds and stayed there. In addition, the two shared their experiences of the local community.

Blair competed in the Diamond Resorts Tournament of Champions when she was six months pregnant. She eventually placed sixth on the celebrity leaderboard at the end of the day. Her husband, Jeff, was also there as her caddie at the time. Keiser was also responsible for ensuring that his wife was well-rested and comfortable. Jeff had everything he needed, including a sun umbrella and healthy snacks, and he made sure Blair had enough rest during the game. Blair is truly blessed to have such a loving and caring life mate.

At PetSmart, a Senior Director of Finance

Jeff is a full-time employee at PetSmart’s corporate offices in Phoenix, in addition to being Blair’s occasional caddie. Since June 2018, Keiser has served as the Senior Director of Finance at the company. In January 2015, Jeff started as a Senior Manager of Financial Reporting at PetSmart. He held that position until 2016, when he was moved to Director of Financial Reporting and then Senior Director of Finance.

Jeff Keiser, an Arizona State University alumnus, worked for a number of other organizations before joining PetSmart. Before joining PetSmart, he worked as a Staff Accountant at eeCPA, an Associate of Simon Consulting, LLC, and a Senior Manager at KPMG.

Based on Blair O’Neal’s spouse, Jeff Keiser’s, career history, he must have amassed a sizable fortune. Jeff and Blair, the husband-and-wife combination, surely live a luxury lifestyle while embracing their love for one another.

Blair O’Neal’s Sports Management LLC is managed by Blair O’Neal.

If you go to Blair O’Neal’s official website, you’ll see Jeff Keiser’s contact information published there. It signifies that Blair O’Neal’s business partner, Jeff, is in control of the Sports Management LLC and other Blair-related events.

All of Jeff’s dedications and devotion to his lovely wife, Blair, demonstrate that their marriage is going well and full of understandings. Jeff, Blair O’Neal’s spouse, is a true example of a dedicated husband, and we hope their relationship lasts forever.

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