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Alicia Malone

Since January 2018, Alicia Malone, a freelance cinema writer and reporter, has been introducing classic films on Turner every Sunday. Alicia has a bigger perspective in the TV industry and has followed her passion for films by traveling across the…

Matty Matheson

Matty Matheson, a Canadian chef, is best known for hosting the Viceland television series Dead Set on Life in 2016. The tattoo enthusiast is the executive owner of Part and Labour, a popular cafe in Toronto. He has amassed a…

Cliff Barackman

Cliff Barackman is best known for producing and co-hosting the Animal Planet documentary series Finding Bigfoot, which premiered on May 29, 2011. Cliff’s investigation and expedition are taking him all over the country in pursuit of proof of the monsters….

Cathy Areu

Rumors regarding American writer Cathy Areu’s husband made the rounds in the media, with tabloids reporting that the 47-year-old Catalina magazine founder is married. However, when she continued to debunk the allegations, the speculations turned out to be untrue. Kathy…

Phil Donahue

You might remember him if you’ve ever watched The Phil Donahue Show. Yes, we’re referring to the incredibly gifted host Phillip John Donahue, also known as Phil Donahue. He is a film producer and media figure from the United States….