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List of famous people born on 1986

Kiely Williams

If you are a fan of modern rap song and dance then you must be familiar with the name Kiely Williams. She is an American singer, rapper, dancer, songwriter, and actress. Besides these, People know her as a former band…

Drake Bell

Drake Bell is an American legend star. He is also one of the multi- talented people. Beside an actor, he is also a voice actor, singer, song writer, multi- instrumentalist, musician and comedian. The renowned actor from his acting and…

Eden Grishpan

Food is a source of happiness. It can bring people together and give someone a reason to smile. Eden Grishpan used this and brought happiness to the faces of Indian orphans. Eden is an American chef and TV show host….

Seth Rollins

If you are fond of watching wrestling then you already have idea about Colby Lopez. He is an American Professional Wrestler who is also known by the ring name Seth Rollings. He is signed to WWE, performs on the raw…