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List of famous people having profession Youtube Star

Roselie Arritola

  Who is Roselie Arritola? Roselie Arritola is an American Social media personality. She is a Youtube star who is best known for her editing, dancing, tutorials, and challenge videos. Roselie Arritola: Age, Parents, Siblings, Family, Ethnicity Roselie Arritola was…

Jaxon React

Jaxon Hunt Hibler aka Jaxon React (born on 11th September 2003 in the United States of America) is one of the famous YouTube stars. Jaxon became a part of the famous ‘FBF’ channel ‘React’ created by Rafi and Benny Fine….


Cheeseaholic (born on 18th September 2000 in the United States) is a young famous YouTube Star. His YouTube channel is all about the vlogs, pranks and the videos of his favorite game NBA 2K, teaching cheese gang how to improve…

Abram Rader

An American child, Abram Rader is a social media star. He is a famous YouTuber. Further, he is very popular on his parents’ YouTube channel, Sam, and Nia. Abram has become a popular celebrity now but, it is not a…