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List of famous people with birthday on 8th October

Mark Dohner

Mark Dohner (born on 8th October 1993 in Ohio, the United States) is an American YouTuber, actor, Viner, and filmmaker. His first Vine was “Saying ‘Merry Christmas’ to someone who doesn’t celebrate Christmas” featuring Logan Paul and actor Josh Peck….

Nick Cannon

Nicholas Scott Cannon aka Nick Cannon (born on 8th October 1980 in San Diego, California, the United States) is an American actor, rapper, director, producer, television presenter, radio personality, and activist. He has hosted the well-known TV show “America’s Got…

Bella Throne

An American model, actress, singer and director, Bella Throne is one of the busiest celebrity in the entertainment industry. The young actress is versatile and talented. She is an inspiration for those people who are suffering from dyslexia.  Since her…