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List of famous people with birthday on 14th August

Carl Azuz

Carl Azuz is a CNN Student News presenter and writer who had a detention for talking in class. He is a lovely man who has been serving at the magnificent CNN Channel and has become one of the top presenters…

Marsai Martin

Marsai Martin (born on 14th August 2004 in Little Elm, Texas, the United States) is an American actress and producer. In fact, she is famous as the Diana Johnson of TV series Black-ish. In addition to it, she is the…

Catherine Bell

The mesmerizing, Catherine Bell is an Iranian-American entertainer and maker. Further, she has executed as Denise Sherwood in the 2007 arrangement Army Wives. Individuals perceive her as Cassandra “Cassie” Nightingale in 2008 Hallmark’s The Good Witch film and TV arrangement….